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How It All Works

You must be a registered member to use DirtToGo.com. Registration is required so that other DirtToGo.com members can reach you when they have a cut or fill that matches what you are looking for. Only other registered members can access your contact information. This helps prevent spammers from gaining access to the contact information provided to our registered members.

Once you have registered you can immediately use your login ID and password to log into your DirtToGo.com account. From within your account you can search for cuts and fill interactively, using a postal zip code to specify a geographic region. You can also post a dirt request or a dirt offer for other DirtToGo.com clients to see. DirtToGo.com will record your posting in our database, and our search wizard will check all other existing postings for a suitable match. Our search wizard will continue to check for matches as new postings enter the database, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the wizard finds a match it notifies you and the other DirtToGo.com client immediately via email, providing all the contact information each of you will need to reach each other.

Our search wizard also keeps track of all matches between dirt requests and dirt offers. When you log into your DirtToGo.com account you will see the complete set of matches for each of your postings. You can then contact the person who has what you need.