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About DirtToGo.com

Our mission

It is our goal to create an easy-to-use tool with which people who have dirt and people who need dirt in the same geographic region can find each other.

DirtToGo.com, LLC, was founded in 2000 specifically to meet the needs of the construction community. We recognized the need for a service that would help people exchange dirt for building projects, and we recognized the value of the Internet as a tool to facilitate this.

DirtToGo.com hopes to build up a database of people who regularly have a need for dirt or who have a surplus of dirt. We plan to make this database accessible to all in the community so that locating dirt or identifying people who need dirt is not a barrier to moving dirt.

Is there a fee?

No, there is no fee to use DirtToGo.com!

We realize that the value of such a service derives primarily from the quality and quantity of information in our database. It is therefore of utmost importance that we attract as many people to our site with dirt or with a need for dirt as possible.

Why register?

You must register so that other DirtToGo.com clients can get the information they need to contact you. You must register before you can post your available dirt.

You may still peruse our site as a guest without registering. You will not be able to advertise your dirt until you register, but you can search for dirt by geographic region. We will not provide you with the contact information of the registered client who has the dirt until you register yourself. We do this for the benefit of all our clients. If you are concerned about privacy and/or how we will use the information you provide us, please read our privacy statement.

Feel free to browse our site and if you think this is a useful resource for you then please register and enjoy the full benefit of DirtToGo.com!