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DirtToGo.com Privacy Statement

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Dirttogo.com is committed to protecting your privacy and to using the information you provide us responsibly. If, after reading this Privacy Statement, you still have questions about what type of information is gathered or how it is used, then contact us about your concerns.

This Privacy Statement applies to DirtToGo.com only and not to linked sites. This Privacy Statement applies to all pages within the DirtToGo.com Internet site. It does not apply to other Internet sites that may be accessed by a link from DirtToGo.com. Information provided by another Internet site will be governed by the privacy statement/policy, if any, of that site.

The Type Of Information We Collect

You must provide valid contact information to register with DirtToGo.com. To complete the registration process a valid email address is required. Facilitating contact between and among our registered users is an essential part of the service provided by DirtToGo.com. In addition, everytime DirtToGo.com is accessed online, we collect the IP addresses and/or domain names anytime a page is requested. This information is used solely by us to analyze the aggregate amount of traffic on DirtToGo.com. Additionally, the URL of a referring Internet page may also be recorded for the same purpose. Any information given us by a registered or unregistered user in a web form is collected to perform the services offered at or through DirtToGo.com. Forms at DirtToGo.com include registration forms, material offer forms, material request forms, search forms, inquiry forms, and chat/bulletin/message board.


DirtToGo.com may set and access DirtToGo.com cookies on your computer. DirtToGo.com uses cookies to help coordinate your activities after you "log in" so that we can provide you with customized content, such as My Dirtogo, and to keep track of preferences you specify while you are using DirtToGo.com's services.

The Uses For The Information We Collect

The information we collect is used to verify the identity of registered users and to provide appropriate contact information to other registered users when our service requires that such information be provided. Only registered users will be allowed access to the contact information of another registered user. DirtToGo.com may keep a record of every registered user's access of another registered user's contact information.

The information we collect may also be used to improve the content of our Internet site as well as to notify registered users of updates to the site and information about products and services offered by or through DirtToGo.com, its sponsors and other customers. You may receive periodic email, postal mail, or telephone contact from DirtToGo.com with information on new products and services or other matters.

DirtToGo.com does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or nonaffiliated companies except to provide products or services you've requested, when we have your permission, or under the following circumstances:


If you do not wish to receive either postal mailings or telephone contact from DirtToGo.com, contact us here and let us know. Please provide us with your name, company, login identity, email address and telephone number. We will immediately remove your name and/or telephone number from our list(s).

Future Changes

DirtToGo.com reserves the right to introduce new services, products or practices that may require a change in this Privacy Statement. We are committed to making the necessary changes to this Privacy Statement promptly so as to keep you informed on how we use the information you provide DirtToGo.com. However, DirtToGo.com is under no obligation to provide you with prior notice of any changes to this Privacy Statement.